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- RS 232 Fan Control Interface.


- RGB Dome Lights with Controller

Flashing Dome lights in any color!  Can be adapted for any indoor or outdoor vehicle.

- Battery Charge limiter and Isolator

Several different capacities available. Charge without concers about fuses or wiring.

- Battery Impedance/Capacity Examiner

Not your father's battery load tester!  Test for battery quality without huge heat losses.

- High Voltage Flare Stack Lighter

Saves eyebrows anywhere a gas is to be ignited.

- Automatic Heat Sink Profiler

Test your heat path before you design around a given heatsink or mechanical assembly. 


High Reliability Robotics

Potted In a Hard Aluminum Shell


- Super Duty Fuel  / Oil Pump Driver


- Super Duty Microstepping Servo Drive


- Super Duty Relay Board with onboard programming


- Super Duty Micro PLC with on board programming.


- Super Duty Wireless Control Interface