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There are many new ways devices can communicate, with you, your phone or any other device.

This module allows you device to use the cellular network to get connected.

And conventional interfaces have come a long way too!  You can even employ touch screens!


eddyelectronics.ca  Device Development


- Replacement of Existing / Obsolete System Components

It's always the circuit board, isn't it?  Equipment with circuit boards you can't replace is equipment that can cost a great deal to replace.  If you can provide some data and pehaps a sample, we can replace your circuit boards and provide spares!  Sometimes we upgrade and improve the product. Sometimes we can get you going with just a repair.  Breath new life into old equipment with us.


- Interface with Existing System Components

If there is a mismatch between "plug A and socket B", we can help.  We can provide a way to get system components connected and functioning perfectly.  If you need to interact with your equipment in a newer, flashier way, we can help.  We can have your installation forward data to a mobile device or computer.  Add indicators or add your machine to a network!


- You have this new product / business idea.

In your day to day, you find that some device or other would save you man hours and you just can't find a source!  We can help! Even if we have to develop the device for you.  It's truly astonishing how so many monitors, controls and instruments can be applied to existing installations and equipment without anyone actually doing it.  


- You have equipment to modernize or upgrade.

Or even more likely, you just can't keep the old gear running without spares. Sometimes the on board computer is difficult to train staff to run.  And some staff have special needs.  We can bring a more modern approach to controls, instrumentation and power systems.

- Your equipment just has something missing.

Some equipment is just too much like other equipment and you want to create a competitive edge.  Add features never before considered.  Or simply improve the apperance and reliability with something more modern.  


- You have a design, you just need it produced.

If you bring us a sample or documents, we can fill in the gaps and arrange production of any quantity. 


- You have concerns about your venture?

We practice the utmost in discretion, but if you want the added security, we can form a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).