Eddy  Electronics  Mfg. Ltd.

 Fine pitch sensors on paper thin material

High temperature boards for downhole use

One layer of an eight layer board.  The device is a large DSP

Boards that resist vibration.

These devices were to operate near absolute zero!

eddyelectronics.ca        Device Development






- The widest range of printed circuit services in Alberta

The only Alberta manufacturer of Multilayer, flexible, ceramic circuits 

- The most experience with process and materials

The only Alberta manufacturer involved in process development

- Consulted with major corporations on THEIR processes

Ahead of industry changes like lead free processing

- Developed and innovated many "Green" PCB technologies

We avoided the use of problematic additives like EDTA

- Have been published in trade journals

Circuitree magazine

- Circuit board design on a vast array of projects

In 30 years we touched many markets

- Adapted and grew with technological change.

From TTL to microprocessors to microcontrollers.

- We maintain a strong connection with the all important basics of reliability.

extended testing cycles and long term device supplier data.

- "Alberta tough" conditions are anticipated in every project

Hot and cold at the same time!  Contact with oil, water and vibration!

- We apply new technology judiciously.

The newest devices aren't always the best. Some will be obsolete in months, while other devices are simply not durable enough for your design.